In and effort to ensure the longest possible life expectancy of our wax worms, we are constantly experimenting with packing and shipping techniques. We find that shipping in an 8 oz. cup with a count of 125 wax worms, minimizes loss.


We offer:


125 count     $6.00

250 count     $9.00

500 count     $16.00

1000 count    $26.00

10000+ Please call!


We can do larger quantities as well, so please call with any questions or needs larger than what we have listed. Prices will be quoted over the phone.

San diego wax worms ships nationwide, Monday thru Wednesday, when 2nd day shipping is an option, weather permitting.

We ship Thursday via Next day air/overnight. Sorry, we do not ship on Fridays to ensure the health of our worms.

Special packing is available for hot and cold areas and depending on the time of the year and zip code. for $1.00 per packet.


Try us out! Enjoy the luxury of dependability and quality.

You wont have to rely on wax worms being shipped to you that have shipped indirectly to distributors, then on to you, the consumer! And we know all your babies enjoy the taste of fresh wax worms!


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