Welcome to the new San Digeo Wax Worms.com web site!


San Diego Wax Worms is THE Premeir source for wax worms in the Western U.S. We are NOT distributors and grow our worms right here in San Diego.

We have a collection of several hundred exotic soft bill birds and we became disappointed with the availability and quality of the wax worms we needed, so we decided to raise our own worms. This business is the outgrowth of that need.

San Diego Wax Worms sells to several businesses now, including the San Diego Animal Park. We provide quality worms at reasonable prices, on time and in quantity. We look forward to doing business and supplying you the BEST wax worms in the U.S.


The Main reach for our success (in addition to quality of product), is our location. Here in San Diego, we are not subject to the sever climate extremes that cause disruptions in supply. No blizzards, no big heat waves that affect the midwest, just a mild, coastal climate that makes our availability constant and predictable.


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